Reviews for The Reckoning

***** As I have a tendency to do, I read this book before reading the first book or the second book in the series.  The author is well prepared for people like me who don’t follow the typical reading path when it comes to a series.

The book begins in a way that quickly brought me up to speed and enticed me to backtrack to the second book after finishing this one.

The main characters Ben and Mary have the comfort that a long standing relationship brings – one that has weathered the storm of betrayal and now paying the price for the betrayal.  While I don’t want to give any spoilers, I will give you the tidbit that Mary’s betrayal with a man named Donald, has now come home to haunt her as Donald is relentless in stalking her.

We have other character interaction too including Georgina.  Georgina who stood by Ben during Mary’s betrayal and orchestrated reuniting Ben and Mary now finds she has feelings for Ben.  We also have Katie in the mix of characters and she too has a connection with Ben.  The interaction of the three women is well written and often poignant when you realize the feelings and thoughts going through each of the women’s heads at different times.

The author delivers a story that shows the feelings of the characters and also still keeps the focus of this story in play –the matter of the man who has been stalking Mary.

I liked this story a lot as the author mixed romance and suspense as well as giving the reader a lot of insight on each character – from the character’s viewpoint and from the viewpoint of others.

I would consider this book a cozy mystery – one that engages the reader and keeps one guessing yet also gives one a look at people, their emotions and thoughts which makes the story all the more enjoyable to read. 



****  I simply devour mysteries, especially when they are complex and as tightly woven as this one is.

Glyn Smith-Wild's writing style is reminiscent of the subtle, understated but still nail-biting style of Martha Grimes and her Richard Jury series. His ability to weave a tale from many different viewpoints, draw out supporting characters, and still keep the reader guessing is very skillfully done.

For me, the characters of Chas and Lizzie, although somewhat minor in their roles was the most fun to read about.

If I would have one critique about The Reckoning, I imagine that it would be that it seems to require a reading of the other books in the series to get a better picture of the overall story. It is a small annoyance, however, and with the popularity of series in today's market, I can completely understand the idea of hinting at other books and other stories to encourage the readers to purchase another book.

Glyn Smith-Wild provides a taut and sublety written mystery that allows the reader's imagination to be engaged, and in all honesty, what more can you ask for?


***** A different story well written need to read to appreciate, first time read any of his work will read more


**** Having read all three books I have thoroughly enjoyed the series... (The remainder of the review contains spoilers).


***** From Kimberley South Africa to a gritty part of Paris, then to the contrasting beauty of the the Loire Valley, Smith-Wild steers us on a twisting journey where danger lurks around the corner.The God's seem to be shining on Mary as she has escaped with her life after a contract killer fails to be brutal enough to kill her. The suspect is in custody, but will he squeal on those higher up in the chain, or will he be exterminated first. A missing local girl in Kimberley, a stash of buried blood diamonds, a dead smuggler on a ferry to Harwich and a furniture store razed to the ground in Paris: are all are connected to the illusive 'Bear' or to Donald? It is partly by chance that a sassy undercover cop, Lizzie stumbles upon the key link in the chain, the chain back to Donald and the chain that must lead to his arrest before Mary gets killed. An unfolding love triangle between Ben, partner Mary and the infatuated Georgina provides a foil to the insidious activities of Mary's former lover Donald alias Jan Kruger.


*** This is the third of the Ben Coverdale books. Ben's life and romantic interests are entwined with three women, Mary the mother of his child, Alex and their two friends Katie and Georgina. Unfortunately although living in a beautiful part of France they seem unable to escape from Mary's past encounter with Donald. Romantic twists and an involved criminal plot.


**** A book about revenge, well not really revenge.A save the girlfriend from the evil ex boyfriend story, Could have starred Liam Neeson if made into a movie?


**** This is the third and final volume of a trilogy. The first two were

'Sanctuary' and then 'Repercussions'. Ben Coverdale sees his love life take a nose dive when the chick he is enamored of leaves him to take up with some dude named Donald. So Ben goes to the Loire Valley in France, and buys an old cottage which he restores and is hoping for a peaceful life. But Mary, the runaway bride, comes to France to tell Ben she has left The Donald, and oh by the way, has a four-month-old boy who is Ben's child. Turns out The Donald is rather a nasty person who arranged for Mary to be killed, but the murder goes awry, Mary is saved, and now Ben is hell-bent-for-leather to find Donald and .....Romantic thriller-lite, surprise ending. Something for everyone. Although called a suspense thriller, I didn't find it all that heavy and dark, which for me is a good thing. It was just enough. The Loire Valley sounds lovely.


***** This is the first book written by Glyn Smith - Wild I have read. It hints nicely at the proceeding 2 books, but stands alone. It is a comfortable light read, with not too much violence and a great quirky twist near the end.It is a mystery thriller, but with not too much suspense and the romance angle is interesting.The French link I loved, as I too live in France, not the same region, but the comments about lunches, the law and local administration was spot on.I look forward to reading more from this author.Recommend to anyone who likes mystery, gentle thrillers and romance.