Reviews for Repercussions

**** I really enjoyed this book it has so many brilliant elements for example the storyline is fast moving but easy to follow, the characters are cleverly linked and hints are dropped subtly throughout the book as to what will happen but they aren't enough to give it away, descriptions are good and well researched. I think that this book is brilliantly put together and makes a gripping read as you will be eager to find out what will happen, I was unable to put it down! I now can't wait for 'the reckoning' to find out what happens to Ben, Mary and Donald and would recommend this to anyone. 


**** Can't wait for the third book. Very well researched. Good storyline. Left me wanting to know more. Recommend it as a good read.


***** Enjoyed G.S.W first book so was looking forward to this,and it didn't disappoint only down side have to wait till next year for the next one which I’m sure will be just as good :)


***** In Bk. Two of the Ben Coverdale series, the B&B, in the Loire Valley, France has been a success for Ben. He has had help from the resident nympho, Katie, who has attracted most of the men in Sainte-Justine. Ben rescued her from kidnappers in Germany, brought her to La Sanctuaire to recover and she has been a great help to him. They get a visit from Georgina "Grunge" who brings along a surprise, it is Mary. But the surprise is Alex, her infant son, whom she has brought to introduce to his father. Mary also brings danger in the form of Donald, the man she left Ben for. His sinister ways, that bloomed after she moved in, are scaring her more each day and he has no interest in Alex at all. Why does he want her to change her hairstyle and her way of dress, styles she would never be seen in? Who are these strange men associated with him? When Ben takes Mary to pick up her belongings he is met with threats and a sword to his neck. They just get away but are followed through Paris, where Ben loses his tail.So begins a cat and mouse game as Donald escapes to South Africa, where he takes on his true identity and we learn of his business dealings. But Donald will do anything to get Mary to complete his "plan". Ben questions who this Donald is and learns he has long arms, determination and connections. The pieces come together but not before an attempt is made on Mary's life and Ben is put in jail trying to question the assailant. But their new French friendships and old English are ready to support Ben, Mary and their precious son, Alex.The story is not just of intrigue. There is a sweet story of friendships, romance and the fine living in France that is so pleasantly described.


***** I could hardly bare to put this book down, it was such an exciting story. My worst moment was to realize the book was finished and I can't wait for book 3 to be available. Well done Glyn, you're a fantastic story teller. *** I won this book on Goodreads and proceeded to buy the 1st in this story, glad I did as I know know a lot more about the characters, the style of writing is good, the characters are all interesting and the storyline although a bit long winded in places is good and realistic, I will await the conclusion in the story, sounds like it will be an interesting read.


*** A romantic thriller, a follow on to Sanctuary; Repercussions is quite an enjoyable read but contains less of the atmospheric descriptions of the French setting, than its predecessor. There are still three women in Ben's life and also his lovely little boy. The threat to Mary from Donald continues and once again the author leaves us guessing as to the outcome. Have to wait for the outcome until the final book in the trilogy is published at the end of 2013.