The Ben Coverdale Series

A blend of Mystery, Suspense and Romance

ISBN 9781470091569

At first glance, Sanctuary may appear to be a straight forward romantic novel.


Don't be deceived. It isn't!

Sanctuary tells the story of Ben and his attempt to start a new life in France after his love-life falls apart, in itself an intriguing story. However, Ben's life is rapidly reshaped by events that had been in place long before his new start even began and the consequences are revealed in a thrilling story of mystery, murder and suspense.


The beautiful Mary, sexy Katie and quirky Georgina all provide Ben with more problems than he can sometimes cope with.

"Combined with a surprising amount of input from the characters in the book, Glyn has created an appealing read with mystery and romance adding to its appeal."

The author says: 'I started writing pretty late in life. Writing this book was an entirely new challenge which proved to be an exciting one. Each day the blank page would suddenly fill with the thoughts and feelings of each of the characters, changing the direction of the story at an alarming rate. Input from the characters themselves was not something I had expected but the daily banter of Ben, Mary, Katie and Georgina soon created the story line.'

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Those who work for him know Donald as a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And what he wants is Mary.

'Repercussions'  continues to follow the life of Ben Coverdale as he tries to settle down to a comfortable life with his beloved, Mary. However, the past is never far behind and the danger posed by her angry ex' continues to put both Ben and Mary in constant peril. 

Fuelled by greed and desparation, the events that unfold leave no life untouched.

What sets this apart from other books of a similar genre is the exacting details as offered by Smith-Wild and the subsequent way in which the reader is thoroughly engaged in the escapades of this threesome. Ben is clearly not only protector to Mary, but also has a vested interest in digging deep to the bottom of what motivates Donald. 

Those who have enjoyed Smith-Wild's first book will be delighted with this brilliant second offering, as will the growing number of new readers drawn to this talented writer's work.


The Reckoning



A missing local girl in South Africa, a stash of buried blood diamonds, a dead smuggler on a ferry to Harwich and a furniture store razed to the ground in Paris.

As Mary recovers from a near-fatal knife attack, Ben is convinced that Donald, her ex-lover, is responsible but persuading the authorities is proving impossible – he has no tangible evidence to support his theory.


With the help of the English police, Interpol and a sexy undercover police officer in Paris, he continues his reconnaissance and pursuit of Donald, back and forth across the English Channel.


One by one, the players are brought in and broken down, but not before they leave a trail of disaster.


Underpinning the suspense are tales of romance for Ben and Mary, Katie and Georgina.


The interactions of the characters and the storyline result in an exciting, unpredictable, and surprising finale.

What readers say:

"This third instalment in the Ben Coverdale series begins as Mary recovers from a knife attack, that Ben is convinced was orchestrated by her ex-lover, Donald. While he is certain of his suspicions, the authorities are proving much harder to convince, especially since evidence is sorely lacking. However, with help from the English Police, Interpol, and an undercover cop in the dangerous streets of Paris, his quarry is just a few footsteps away. But this situation gets a lot more deadly and a lot more complicated when Donald is forced to go on the offensive. Nothing is quite as it seems in this story, and the suspense and intrigue will keep just about anyone interested right to the final page."


"Anyone who knows me well knows that I simply devour mysteries, especially when they are complex and as tightly woven as this one is. Glyn Smith-Wild’s writing style is reminiscent of the subtle, understated by still nail-biting style of Martha Grimes and her Richard Jury series. His ability to weave a tale from many different viewpoints, draw out supporting characters, and still keep the reader guessing is very skillfully done. For me, the characters of Cas and Lizzie, although somewhat minor in their roles was the most fun to read about." - Laura Seeber.


'Repercussions' is a romantic thriller, a follow on to Sanctuary; Repercussions is quite an enjoyable read but contains less of the atmospheric descriptions of the French setting, than its predecessor. There are still three women in Ben’s life and also his lovely little boy. The threat to Mary from Donald continues and once again the author leaves us guessing as to the outcome. Have to wait for the outcome until the final book in the trilogy is published at the end of 2013. - Goodreads review.

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