The Ben Coverdale Series

A blend of Mystery, Suspense and Romance

ISBN 9781470091569


When Ben receives a garbled email message, he knows that the idyllic lifestyle he had hoped for by moving to France is about to end.

Ben Coverdale has lived happily with Mary Willson for the past five years but on the fifth anniversary of their moving in together, Mary announces that she is leaving him to live with Donald, a man many years  her senior.

Distraught, Ben now takes the opportunity to fulfil a dream that he has had for many years and move to France and start a new life there.

Mary becomes increasingly puzzled by Donald's behaviour; doing his best to keep her away from her friends, insisting that she change her hairstyle and buying strange, outagaeous clothes for her. Things are made much worse when she discovers that she is carrying Ben's child.

As things rapidly deteriorate, Mary and her baby are taken, with the help of an old friend, to meet up with Ben, only to find that her old adversary, Katie Forrester, is there before her.

At first glance, 'Sanctuary' may appear to be a romantic novel, but it isn't. Nothing is quite as it seems.​



Ben Coverdale has an enviable life, living in a beautifully restored cottage in the Loire Valley. La Sanctuaire offer just what the name suggests for him, Mary and his adorable son, Alex.

Having rescued Mary from her tyrranical boyfriend, Donald, he thinks all the problems of the past year are over, but Donald has different ideas.

Those who work for Donald know him as a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

And what he wants is Mary.

Fuelled by greed and desparation, the events that unfold leave no life untouched.


What sets this apart from other books of a similar genre is the exacting details as offered by the author and the subsequent way in which the reader is thoroughly engaged in the escapades of this threesome.


The Reckoning



As Mary recovers from a near-fatal knife attack, Ben is convinced that Donald, her ex-lover, is responsible but persuading the authorities is proving impossible – he has no tangible evidence to support his theory.


With the help of the English police, Interpol and a sexy undercover police officer in Paris, he continues his reconnaissance and pursuit of Donald, back and forth across the English Channel.


One by one, the players are brought in and broken down, but not before they leave a trail of disaster.


Underpinning the suspense are tales of romance for Ben and Mary, Katie and Georgina.


The interactions of the characters and the storyline result in an exciting, unpredictable, and surprising finale.

'Repercussions' is a romantic thriller, a follow on to Sanctuary; Repercussions is quite an enjoyable read but contains less of the atmospheric descriptions of the French setting, than its predecessor. There are still three women in Ben’s life and also his lovely little boy. The threat to Mary from Donald continues and once again the author leaves us guessing as to the outcome. Have to wait for the outcome until the final book in the trilogy is published at the end of 2013. - Goodreads review.

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